The JV Pastor Group, a prominent figure in Monaco, is the only representative of luxury real estate in the Principality. At its helm, Jean-Victor Pastor continues to build the Pastor Group Collection by integrating restaurants, luxury hotels in the high mountains, and specialized insurance for luxury villas, jets, and yachts. One of the fundamental values of the group is a commitment to excellence in service.

JV Pastor – Real estate est le résultat d’une expertise en immobilier haut de gamme du Groupe Pastor avec pour seul crédo : réunir acheteurs et vendeurs en toute confidentialité. Au-delà des simples transactions, nous répondons à tous les besoins de nos clients sur ce marché en perpétuelle évolution.

The PASTOR family has been in the construction industry since 1880 and has played an active role in the creation of numerous iconic structures within Monaco, such as the Summer Sporting Club, Monaco Yacht Club, Louis II Stadium, etc. As developers and builders, the members of the PASTOR family have always been and still are, shaping the image of the Principality through their constructions and future projects.

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